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Welcome to XeviMeek & Co.

XeviMeek & Co. was founded in 2023 by a passionate jewelry enthusiast with a vision to create unique and elegant pieces that capture the essence of beauty and style to meet the needs of every customer. Since then, he has been dedicated to providing exquisite jewelry and home decor items to his customers, blending craftsmanship with creativity. From initial design to final quality checks, he makes sure his goods are reliable and exceptional.

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I offer a wide range of handcrafted jewelry and gifts that are perfect for any occasion. My collection features unique designs and styles that are sure to make a statement. I’m proud to offer affordable prices without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship. From personalized pieces to ready-to-wear items, my collection has something for everyone.

Father's Day Collection

New Creations

Below is some of the Handcrafted decor & gifts I have made. I hope to get more items made up soon.


Wax Melts Coming Soon........

Full-service design agency that provides website design, website maintenance and other digital solutions.

Along with crafting jewelry I also run a full-service design agency that provides

                                                          website design, website maintenance and

                                                               other digital solutions. I use a combination of

                                                                 design techniques and cutting-edge

                                                              technology to create responsive websites.

                                                                I provide website maintenance services to ensure that your site is always secure and operational. I also offer marketing solutions to help drive traffic to your site and digital media production services, including video production, to create engaging multimedia content. Let me help you take your brand to the next level.

Help Support &

Promote My Business

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