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Candle of the Month!

Every month I will feature a new fragrance. It will come in a shape or container featuring the monthly theme. Every month will be different scents and never get the same scent twice. (unless you order

Candle of the Month:


(one-time purchase)

Candle of the Month Club!

Every month you will get the Candle of the Month" and you will get a second monthly themed scent in a random 2 oz. tin..

Candle of the Month Club:


(Reoccurring charge on a monthly basis until you cancel you subscription to the Candle of the Month Club.)

Every month will have a different limited quantity. If you subscribe to the "Candle of the Month Club" then you are guaranteed to get the candles.

pumpkin spice.png

Candle of the Month!

Pumpkin Spice

This is this Months Candle

If you subscribe to the Candle if the Month Club then you will receive this scent in a 2 oz. tin along with the Candle of the Month.

Fall Farmhouse

Fall Farmhouse.png
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